Alzheimer’s Disease: Its Symptoms and Risk Factors


There are many things about dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease that most people don’t know or understand. So, let us at West Side Pharmacy share the symptoms and risk factors of this illness.

Contrary to popular belief, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia aren’t similar ailments. Rather, a retail pharmacy in New York City, New York knows that Alzheimer’s disease is merely the most common type of dementia. It is irreversible, progressive, and slowly destroys a person’s cognitive functions.

People living with Alzheimer’s disease may be the first to notice that they are experiencing unusual difficulty organizing their thoughts and remembering things. Or they may not recognize anything wrong, even when the people around them notice certain changes. While everyone deals with the occasional memory lapses, Alzheimer’s patients struggle with persistent and worsening memory loss, thereby affecting their ability to function productively.

A trusted company that offers pharmaceutical services often caters to clients who have family members dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. They often share that their loved ones increasingly find it challenging to use their reasoning and thinking abilities effectively. Making judgments and decisions, as well as performing what were once routine tasks, become a struggle as the disease eventually progresses. The ailment may also affect their personality and behavior.

It is not known what exactly causes Alzheimer’s. But as a pharmacy providing quality surgical supplies in New York, we have noticed that increasing age, a history of someone in the family developing Alzheimer’s disease, past head trauma, and one’s heart health may indicate how vulnerable you are to this devastating illness. This actually supports scholars’ belief that most patients fell victim due to a combination of environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors.

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