Employing Patient Safety Practices for Our Clients


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has intertwined patient safety with practices that ensure patients are free from preventable or accidental injuries that may be produced by medical care. And as a top-notch retail pharmacy in New York City, New York, we strive to make sure that the services we deliver and the medical supplies we provide, meet the standards of ensuring patient safety.

Medications and other surgical supplies in New York are tools that have the power to prevent and treat diseases. However, they also have the potential to cause great danger to patients who take them. As members of healthcare teams tasked to make decisions with regards to people’s health and well-being, we, therefore, make sure that the actions we take are made only for the purpose of contributing to the optimal improvement of patients’ safety.

In line with this, we endeavor to provide every client we serve with durable and cost-effective over-the-counter and medical products in order to meet each of our customers’ needs and wants hassle-free. We also offer top-rate pharmaceutical services for those with additional concerns about their health conditions. For instance, we make it a point that patients have access to their medications and that they and their caregivers are supplied with the correct medical information to help them take their medications safely and effectively. We also assess patients’ current health status to provide treatment guidance, evaluate the appropriateness of each medication, and give suggestions on how they can take their medicines as prescribed by their healthcare practitioners.

At West Side Pharmacy, we hold the firm belief that patient safety is the heart of high-quality health care, and so, we deliver a quality system of care that prevents errors, learns from errors that occurred, and builds a culture of safety for our clients. We go beyond the traditional pharmacy services to ensure outstanding customer service. Get in touch with us.

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