Knowing More About Bone and Joint Infections in Children


Bone infections, also medically referred to as osteomyelitis, entail bone inflammation and are usually caused by bacterial infections. According to the Children’s National Health System, preschoolers account for approximately 50% of patients involved in cases of bone infections. If left untreated, these infections can cause severe complications such as infected joints, deformities, and disabilities.

Clients at a retail pharmacy in New York City, New York commonly purchase medications for their children who exhibit symptoms like severe pain, fever and/or chills, general fatigue, soreness, and swelling around the infected area. For newborns and infants, on the other hand, inability to move and support weight on the affected limbs is typically one of the most noticeable signs.

If your little ones have any of these symptoms, it is important that you consult their pediatrician. Their doctor may take advantage of surgical supplies in New York to examine your children for bone infections. Blood tests, X-rays, needle aspiration, bone biopsy, and diagnostic imaging like MRI scans or CT scans are just some of the tests that help them diagnose bone infections.

Once the pediatrician has determined the bacteria that causes bone infection in your kids, they will now be able to recommend appropriate treatments. Treatment options may include surgery for severe bone infection cases, bone graft, or antibiotics that may be taken in orally or intravenously. If the pediatrician prescribed antibiotics for your young ones, you can set your mind at ease because we provide pharmaceutical services to help you.

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