Tips on How to Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

An estimated 90% of Americans fall below the recommended fruit and vegetable consumption requirements — despite the given knowledge that eating vegetables is essential to getting the right nutrients that our bodies need to feel energized, refreshed, and to function properly to fight off disease. Admittedly, it is challenging to include an abundant amount of … Continue reading

How to Shop for CBD Products

Nowadays, you can find a ton of CBD products lining store shelves. However, determining which one of them is safe can be a difficult thing to know, especially since the CBD market is expected to increase at least sevenfold by 2021. Not everybody knows everything about CBD, therefore, being careful with your purchases can save … Continue reading

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What Do We Know About Cannabidiol?

There might be a lot of apprehension and distrust when it comes to the topic of cannabidiol and its newly found health benefits. As a trusty provider of pharmaceutical services, West Side Pharmacy is giving you the rundown of what there is to know about CBD, answering the most frequently asked questions by clients and … Continue reading

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A New Drug to Fight Against Influenza

The US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has recently approved the use of a new drug for the treatment of influenza in October 2018, The drug called Baloxavir Marboxil (Xofluza) combats the two types of influenza that affect humans, influenza A and B. Baloxavir Marboxil functions differently compared to drugs that are available in retail … Continue reading

Developing Better Eating Habits

Part of staying healthy is developing better eating habits. West Side Pharmacy encourages its customers to maintain a healthy balanced diet that they can stick to throughout the year. Here are a couple of suggestions you could try: Avoid the artificial. Stick with real foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and … Continue reading

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What Is Antibiotic Resistance and How Does It Work?

According to an article in Science Daily, “antibiotic resistance” refers to a microorganism’s ability to withstand the effects of an antibiotic. It’s a specific type of drug resistance. It evolves naturally via natural selection through random mutation, but it could also be manipulated by applying an evolutionary stress on a population. Multiple pharmaceutical services are … Continue reading