The Side Effects of Insulin Therapy

The Side Effects of Insulin Therapy

Insulin is a hormone which helps regulate the sugar levels in a person’s blood. While many diabetic patients in a retail pharmacy in New York City, New York need insulin to stay healthy, what many people don’t realize is that insulin therapy can actually also cause multiple side effects.

There are different types and brands of insulin available for use at West Side Pharmacy, and the side effects that clients may experience usually depend on what type of insulin they are taking. However, according to Medical News Today, the side effects of insulin therapy commonly include initial weight gain as one’s body begins to adjust to this kind of therapy, headaches, upper respiratory infections, cough, anxiety or depression, rashes, swelling or bumps around the injection site, and hypoglycemia (i.e., blood sugar levels that drop way too low). If a person experiences hypoglycemia, they may experience other symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, trouble speaking, sweating, confusion, seizure twitching muscles, and loss of consciousness, among others.

Fortunately, insulin is a prescription medicine. So, patients with diabetes can actually just discuss with their primary care providers about choosing the type of insulin that is best for them. They can also consult their health specialists regarding the side effects that they may experience, as well as ask for tips on how they can administer insulin safely and effectively. For instance, patients with type 1 diabetes need some form of insulin therapy on an everyday basis, so their doctors can provide them with some guidance on which brands or types of insulin are appropriate for daily dosage. On the other hand, individuals who have type 2 or gestational diabetes need to discuss with their physicians whether taking insulin is a commendable choice, or if there are other medical or surgical supplies in New York that they would recommend.

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