Tips on How to Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

Tips on How to Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

An estimated 90% of Americans fall below the recommended fruit and vegetable consumption requirements — despite the given knowledge that eating vegetables is essential to getting the right nutrients that our bodies need to feel energized, refreshed, and to function properly to fight off disease.

Admittedly, it is challenging to include an abundant amount of vegetables and fruits in our diets, especially if you did not grow up eating them on a regular basis. To help you out, West Side Pharmacy, a provider of pharmaceutical services, leaves you with this list of strategies to add a little more color into your diet!

  • Start small and keep progressing.

    If you don’t currently eat vegetables that much, you can start today by adding them to meals you already eat. For example, Choose a topping like eggplants, peppers, and broccoli on your pizza.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works.

    Don’t give up after the first try. Taste test your way to love vegetables!

  • Substitute your usual food products with vegetarian alternatives.

    For example, instead of using your usual past, you might want to opt for vegetable pasta.

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