Treatment Options for Multiple Sclerosis


Did you know that over 2.5 million people suffer from multiple sclerosis? The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) has reported that while no cure for this autoimmune disease exists yet, most patients are expected to have more or less the same lifespan as that of people without the ailment.

Though not fatal, multiple sclerosis is a lasting disease that can affect the optic nerves in one’s eyes, spinal cord, and brain. Researchers haven’t yet discovered what exactly causes multiple sclerosis, but its effects can vary for every patient. Its usual symptoms include, but are not limited to, muscle weakness or spasms, trouble walking, and problems focusing or remembering.

Although curing multiple sclerosis is impossible at this point, there are numerous medications available to help patients better manage this illness. Physicians may prescribe drugs depending on their clients’ diagnosis. For instance, patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis may receive prescriptions for drugs that can help slow down the disease. They can acquire these medications from a retail pharmacy in New York City, New York that has a wide array of these prescriptions.

Doctors may also prescribe medicines that are capable of easing or preventing patients’ symptoms, or medicines that can treat symptoms that transpire during a relapse or an attack. Regardless of the purpose of these prescriptions, your local pharmacy has a large supply of medicines and surgical supplies in New York to help you better manage this disease.

Furthermore, our staff is licensed and certified to provide dependable pharmaceutical services. Should patients experience difficulties in trying to get their prescriptions from the pharmacy, availing of prescription delivery services may be the best option. It can help patients with multiple sclerosis adhere to their medications more effectively.

If you or your loved ones have other questions about treatment options for this disease, please do not hesitate to give West Side Pharmacy a call to know more.

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