What Is Endometriosis?


According to Mayo Clinic, endometriosis is a disorder in which the endometrium grows outside a woman’s uterine cavity. Endometrium refers to the tissue that usually forms the lining of women’s uterus, and while it is unusual for this tissue to spread beyond the pelvic region, it is not totally impossible. However, because women experience hormonal changes as a result of their menstrual cycle, a misplaced endometrial tissue may be affected, thus causing the area to be painful and inflamed. Over time, the tissue will become trapped in the pelvis, causing irritation, severe pain during periods, and fertility problems.

Despite being a common gynecological condition among female clients in a retail pharmacy in New York City, New York, the exact cause of this painful disorder is not yet known. However, its common signs and symptoms include dysmenorrhea before and after a woman’s period, pain with intercourse, and pain with urination or bowel movements during their period.

Endometriosis can be challenging to manage. Because of this, we, at West Side Pharmacy, recommend that you see your primary care providers right away if you suspect you have endometriosis. It has no cure at present, but fortunately, getting an early diagnosis and understanding this disorder can help you better manage your symptoms.

Medical and surgical supplies in New York are available to help you manage any potential complications. For instance, your clinicians may prescribe you with over-the-counter pain medications, hormonal therapy, hormonal contraceptives, or gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GRNH) agonists and antagonists. Just like all other drugs, everyone has different reactions to these treatment options. However, your healthcare practitioners can help you choose the one that works perfectly for you.

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